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238 PEAR packages.

Openpear is a PEAR Repository Channel and Subversion Hosting Service.
since November 2008


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No more hassle to propose a new package for inclusion in PEAR or to create a PEAR package! Openpear provides you with automated way from building a PEAR package all the way to registering it to channel.


Source code on Openpear is open to everyone. Would you like to commit bug fix which bug you've found? Would you like to maintain a package no one is taking care of anymore? You can make it with Openpear!


Openpear is offering the fastest process you've never experienced, from building a PEAR package upto release! No hassle for user as well to search all over the internet for package.

Quick Start

$ pear channel-discover openpear.org
"It's a dreams come true." -- sotarok